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Over 25 years of graphic design. Proficient in CorelDraw, Photoshop, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, and experience with Illustrator.

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Photo Restorations
(Before and After)
Bookcover Designs

How to keep old photos from fading.

Protect your treasures from fading by following these four simple techniques:

  1. Mount your photographs acid-free and with UV resistant glass that provides a space between the glass and photo.

  2. Avoid displaying the original old photograph, instead, make a high-quality scan for your display copy.

  3. Store your photographs in a dark, cool and dry environment - NOT in your basement, attic or garage.

  4. Reduce UV rays, smoke and air exposure by keeping photos away from sunlight, fireplaces or open windows.

Can old faded photos be restored?

In short, yes. More times than not faded  photos can brought back to life.

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